How to Fill in Content on Digital Banner Deesign.id

The steps for placing your content on a digital banner device are as follows:

  1. Register a new account at https://deesign.id/register, if already registered please go to https://deesign.id/login
  2. Upload video, image, sound content on the page https://deesign.id/media_resource,
  3. Set the display layout (content frame settings) at https://deesign.id/screen,
  4. After setting the display layout, you have to arrange the content based on the frame you have created in the layout: https://deesign.id/playlist,Download the Apk from the site https://deesign.com on the page https://deesign.id/installer, or you can directly install it via the Google Play Store directly from your Android TV device.
  5. Install the apk that was downloaded earlier on the device (if not via Google Play Store)
  6. Register your Android TV device via the page https://deesign.id/display_device/create,
  7. Connect the Android TV device that has been activated with the content/playlist that you created in point 4 earlier.
  8. Publish your content on Android TV/Signage devices on the playlist page


Bagaimana Mengisi Konten di Digital Banner Deesign.id

Langkah-langkah untuk memasang konten anda pada perangkat digital banner adalah sebagai berikut:

  1. Daftar Akun baru di https://deesign.id/register, bila sudah terdaftar silakan ke https://deesign.id/login

  2. Upload konten video, gambar, suara di halaman https://deesign.id/media_resource,

  3. Atur Layout Tampilan (pengaturan frame konten) di https://deesign.id/screen,

  4. Setelah mengatur layout tampilan, anda harus menyusun konten tadi berdasarkan frame yang telah anda buat di layout : https://deesign.id/playlist,

  5. Unduh Apk dari situs https://deesign.com dihalaman https://deesign.id/installer, atau Anda langsung install melalui Google Play Store langsung dari perangkat TV Android Anda.

  6. Install apk yang telah di unduh tadi ke perangkat (bila tidak melalui Google Play Store)

  7. Daftarkan perangkat Android TV Anda ini melalui halaman https://deesign.id/display_device/create,

  8. Hubungkan perangkat Android TV yang telah diaktivasi dengan konten/playlist yang telah anda buat di poin 4 tadi.

  9. Publish konten Anda pada perangkat Android TV/Signage pada halaman playlist